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Welcome to FitMall

WHO ARE Fitmall?

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FitMall is the Official online shop for MaxiNutrition & Founders of LeoNutrtion in Greece, Europe's leading sports nutrition supplier. We’re proud that you have chosen MaxiNutrition & LeoNutrition products, enabling us to become Europe’s leading sports nutrition company.

The feedback customers have given us over the years is that you choose us because you know you can trust the quality of our products, the science behind our claims and the benefits you feel when you use the products.

We take our responsibilities to you very seriously. We don’t just follow stringent testing procedures and market responsibly; we seek to engage with you as much as we can to ensure you’re happy with our products. That open and transparent approach has also enabled us to become the partner of choice for such a large number of sporting professionals and bodies (please see some of the comments from partners below).

We will always listen to views and we want to ensure that you continue to have complete confidence in our high quality products. While we try to understand the CEBM’s position better we invite anyone who has any questions to contact us directly, using the “contact” field below.

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FitMall is Europe’s no.1 Sports Nutrition company established in 1995. Its brands include LeoNutrition,MaxiNutrition,and Maxifuel .


Science Behind the Products

MaxiNutrition & LeoNutrition products have been developed using cutting-edge science using key ingredients such as:

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Whey Protein

Science has finally caught up with the real-world experience of many gym goers and athletes, with a growing body of research showing the many benefits of whey protein.

Whey is one of the two major proteins found in milk, the other being casein. A naturally complete protein, whey is often referred to as a "fast" protein for its ability to provide rapid nourishment to muscles.

MaxiNutrition & LeoNutrition products have been developed with a scientifically formulated range of whey protein products to help you reach your fitness goals, whether they include losing fat, building muscle, increasing strength, or improving your recovery time.

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Creatine is research proven to aid both stamina and endurance, in addition to muscle growth and strength development. MaxiNutrition & LeoNutrition creatine products are used by thousands of gym trainers, muscle builders, power sports players and endurance athletes.

The results and benefits you get from creatine will be dependant on your specific activity and training focus. Please follow the links to more information about the scientific and health benefits to specific products in our range. LeoNutrition ,MaxiNutrition, Maxifuel, Maxiraw and Maxitone.


Pioneering independent testing

MaxiNutrition & LeoNutrition prides itself on the most thorough testing procedures in the industry. Together with HFL Sports Science, one of the world’s premier independent drug surveillance laboratories, the company pioneered the world's first ISO17025 accredited commercial substance testing service for sports nutrition. 

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