ISS Research OhYeah! 5LB

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Βάρος: 5LB
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Α ISS Research product by FitMall

ISS Research OhYeah! 5LB

The award-winning taste and technology of OhYeah! Ready-To-Drink shakes and bars is now a Total Protein System utilizing critical proteins to deliver the immediate and long-term macronutrients your body needs to make the impossible possible.


No matter your goal, the path to success requires structured nutrition that supports the foundation of peak athletic performance: lean muscle and reduced body fat.  Built on 32g of the most complete proteins, each serving provides your body with the nutrition you need without excess calories from fat and sugar.  Enhanced with fast-burning medium-chain triglycerides for an immediate source of energy that conserves lean muscle, as well as omega-6 EFA’s to aid in recovery.  OhYeah! Total Protein System is your ultimate structured nutrition source.

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Βάρος: 5LB

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