Promax Aminos

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MaxiNutrition Promax Aminos (275 capsules)

Promax Aminos

Ultra convenient top quality amino acids in capsules

Maximuscle’s Promax Aminos® provide a unique source of high quality, di, tri and oli peptide amino acids, derived from the finest whey hydrolysates. It is also an excellent source of BCAAs, which are fundamental to every strength athlete’s lean muscle and strength goals. Promax Aminos will provide a supply of ultrafast digesting amino acids to your muscles, to support muscle growth (protein synthesis) after training. Taking Promax Aminos with your carbohydrate drink accelerates glycogen storage, which is essential for rapid recovery after intense training. Amino acids are also vital to reduce muscle breakdown after and during intense training. Take 4-6 capsules after training for best results or every 2-3 hours to ensure a positive nitrogen balance.


  • Made from top quality whey hydrolysates
  • Contains Di, Tri, & Oli peptides
  • Contains all essential and BCAA's

Recommended Use
For maximum nitrogen balance (growth and repair) you should be consuming protein every 2-3 hours, therefore, if no other protein drinks are being consumed, take 3-6 Maximuscle Promax Aminos capsules every 2-3 hours. On training days, take 3-6 caps 30 mins before training and again immediately after & before sleeping.


Product Details
Size: 275 capsules

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