LeoNutrition LeoAmino 20K

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LeoNutrition LeoAmino 20K (300ct)


LeoAmino- 20k provides the body with high quality amino acids derived from 100% whey hydrolysates. LeoAMINO-20K contains di, tri and oli peptide amino acids and supplements the body with the building units of muscles, to aid in muscle growth and repair. Through having an outstanding branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) profile, LeoAMINO-20K plays a vital role in protein synthesis and yields an exceptional positive nitrogen balance, both needed by the body in order to build and maintain muscle growth. Therefore, by taking LeoAMINO-20K after training you can compensate for amino acid deficiencies and reduce muscle breakdown caused by intense exercise. Taking LeoAMINO-20K throughout the day maintains a positive nitrogen balance, a perfect environment for maximum muscle growth and repair. LeoAMINO-20K has a fruity flavor that ensures there is no aftertaste. WARNINGS: - This product is not indented to prevent , treat or cure any disease. - Always consult you GP if you have any medical condition or are taking any medication before taking this supplement. - Always consult your GP if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

RECOMMENDED DOSE: On a non-training day: Take a serving 3 times a day with meals. On a training day: Take one serving 30 minutes before exercise and one serving immediately after exercise. Take a third serving just before going to bed. Each serving is 3-5 tablets. INGREDIENTS: Whey protein hydrolysate; di-calcium phosphate; flavoring; magnesium stearate.

Product Details
Size: 420 Tablet

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